My Favorite Psychic Readings

My friend has a psychic readings blog and even though I might be a bit biased, it is still my favorite…

Most of the psychics I know aren’t usually interested in blogging, and some of the blogs I’ve found are a little too personal for me. What I like about my friends blog is that she gathers information about a lot of different spiritual topics and shares it. You can find spirituality news and events, but also deeper insights into topics like destiny and karma.

She posts about lucid dreaming and past lives, plus she talks about the existence of heaven, entanglement, praying, magic and much more.

At first glance, I wondered why she would choose to write about topics that were from different religious backgrounds and then when I read the articles I could understand what she was doing. It seems like she has a good grasp of the big picture, what she likes to call “the grand scheme of things” and when she explained concepts like entanglement and the fact that “we are all connected”, I could understand why she chose to write about seemingly conflicting concepts.

When I get online I like to check her blog first.

Reading her blog seems to set the tone for the rest of my day. I don’t know how she does it but it always seems like her blog topics are right on time for what I am going thru. I know that she is not writing for me personally , but it feels that way! When I asked her about this she tells me that she uses her psychic abilities to “go within” and try to tune into the innermost conflict she is facing at the moment she begins to write.

She says that writing this way helps her articles reach out a bit more to the reader because of the fact that “we are all connected”.

Ultimately, she says that her goal is “unity” and to bring people together even if it is through a simple blog. She feels like she meets the “right clients” this way and is able to give great psychic readings because of her blog.

She is going to close her psychic readings blog down and move it over to another website so I will keep you posted with the link when she gives it to me…

There are a few spiritual websites and even a magazine that would like to have her blog for them! I feel really lucky to have successful friends, but then I am reminded that “we are all connected” and that makes me smile.

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