Phone Psychic Reading by Kaz

Greetings! I am Kaz… Welcome to my website in which I hope you enjoy your stay and gain comfort and peace here. I want to thank my family and friends for their support and faith in me… without your support; I would not be here today to help others… so for that I thank you all very dearly from the bottom of my heart.

I am a Professional Psychic/Medium/Empathic… and adore helping others… I am a very honest and caring person and have been helping other people for many, many years now and this in itself gives me great peace in my heart… I adore doing phone psychic reading ¬†and you may ask yourself “How can you tell me anything via email?” My answer to that would be “I tune into your energy via your name and with the help of my guides and spirit this is how its done… I believe – it doesn’t matter whether you are face to face when reading… or reading via email or by phone… when reading, it’s the same to me, it doesn’t matter whether we are thousands of miles away.”

I have read for many, many people throughout the years and to my knowledge have helped many that has crossed my path… also helping people find comfort and peace and help people move on with their lives. I am in no way a doctor so please do seek medical advice if you are having health problems… I also do not foretell deaths. I do have my Usui Reiki 1 and recently have been attuned to Kundunili Reiki 2… I help others with the help of my own guides and also spirit.

I do offer many different types of email and phone readings which you will find below and if you decide to order a reading from me please note – you will receive it in your email box within 24-48 hours… once payment is made via paypal. If you do not have paypal, please contact me and I can send you a paypal request that you can pay with credit card.


Psychic Email Readings

3 Question Tarot Email Readings

Full Angel and Spirit Email Readings

3 Rune Stone Email Readings

In-Depth Rune Stone/Card Email Readings

New!! One Question Email Reading!!

New!! Spiritual Angel Card Readings!!

Can I please ask that you ask 3 questions for each reading and please send me your own name and dob and any other names and dob that you may be enquiring about.

I am a very caring person and am happily married with 2 beautiful daughters… I adore working with spirit and my guides… I have been very lucky to have seen spirit from a very young age of 9 years old… and that was a member of my family… I know my life path is too help other people and that to me is very special.

To be gifted in itself is a very special thing in itself – almost unwordable and to be a fellow “Lightworker” is also amazing.

Please note I must stress, I do not read for under 18 year old people… Please do respect this… I am very honest and true and do give what I give in a loving manner. Always remember Kaz really does Care!!